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Etech’s QEval is an intelligent, customizable contact center quality monitoring solution and agent performance management software. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence technology and real-time speech analytics to deliver actionable reports & analytics. QEval further simplifies the coaching process by providing updates on training, and ensures better insight and visibility in coaching that goes beyond the antiquated days of simply “checking a box.”

With AI-powered speech analytics, QEval provides valuable performance insights that help interpret emotional cues for improved call center quality monitoring and effective agent coaching.  Built with the industry best practices, QEval acts as a comprehensive solution to achieve a consistent and effortless customer as well as agent experience.

Leveraging the combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence, QEval’s suite of call center quality monitoring solutions ensures a 360-degree view of agent performance, eases the process of providing detailed feedback, keeps track of coaching and training needs, and provides actionable insights for improving overall call center performance.

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Etech’s company partnerships have benefited from our proven track record of creating improved customer experiences, enhanced customer satisfaction and advocacy, increased conversion rates, higher net promoter scores, and stronger customer relationships.

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With ever-changing customer sentiments, it is essential to determine the trending quality parameters, train your agents, and continuously optimize their performance for delivering superior customer experiences. Here is how Etech’s QEval helps in call center monitoring:

Identify Knowledge Gaps
Improve Client Retention
Overall insights on In-Depth Level of Performance
Identify Market Insights
Distinguish and Quantify Coaching Needs
Actionable insights into Business and CX Opportunities

Key Features of Etech’s QEval

Continuously increase customer loyalty with improved customer experience with effective call center quality monitoring. Understand your customers’ requirements, analyze key touchpoints and reduce customer effort with Etech’s QEval. With AI-powered speech analytics, QEval monitors, gathers, analyzes and provides insightful information from customer interactions across multiple channels.

With QEval, call centers can determine and explore the voice of customer analytics, leading to better customer experience, while simultaneously increasing the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell. QEval is fully customizable to address the stringent demands of contact centers, making it the most intuitive and the best quality monitoring software.

  • Complete workflow process support
  • Customizable and unlimited evaluation forms
  • Flexible scoring options
  • Attach call to evaluation
  • Evaluate phone calls, emails, chat, social media responses, complaint handling, and many more
  • Combination of standard numeric, blind scoring, non-numeric or holistic scorecard
  • Options of weight base scoring
  • Analytics to help you find the root cause in processes
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  • Agent dashboard
  • Notifications and alerts for agents
  • Agent performance reports
  • Built-in agent coaching module
  • Empower agents with access to their quality evaluations
  • Agent acknowledgement through e-signature
  • Agent review and dispute resolution process
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  • A suite of real-time reports
  • Trends and status reports
  • Drilled down agent performance for specific program
  • Analytics to gauge the performance of your quality team
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly analytical trends
  • Region or Program wise analytics for process measures
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  • Instant email notifications for critical errors and pending reviews
  • Real-time performance alerts
  • Notifications for agents and supervisors
  • Alerts for critical processes
  • Get notified for good Calls vs. bad calls
  • Stats for pending vs. finished coaching   
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  • Consolidating quality calibrations
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Enhance Evaluation accuracy
  • Measure Variance
  • Calibration accuracy measures and reports
  • Status on calibrations
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  • Integrations using SFTP, AWS S3 bucket & APIs
  • Ease of integration to major sources
  • Highly secure web-based SaaS solution and isolated user role-based access with masked data and recording functionality
  • Secured hosted platform
  • Providing major compliance measures
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Our Client Speaks – On Etech’s QEval

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QEval is very useful and user-friendly. QEval makes it easy to connect with others

Customer Care Lead, Higher Education

It is very user friendly. The agents here seem to like that they can receive immediate feedback on calls being evaluated.

Call Center Supervisor, Oil & Energy

It is very easy to search for the agents to locate the scores for selected dates

Call Center Lead, Information Services

It really takes the guess work out of creating quality evaluations.

General Manager, Consumer Services

I like that I can run reports on individuals and teams as a whole.

Lead - Customer Service Representative, Utilities

The reporting feature is great. I can see an agent overall performance in a snapshot for the whole year as well as filter the reporting by score-card category

Supervisor of Customer Service, Oil & Energy

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